To Ingest The Submerged

essay, 2023

Commissioned by TBA21 for the online publication Convivial Tables. Entrée: The Pannier of the Venice Lagoon. | Online Publication
Editor: María Montero Sierra and Barbara Nardacchione

Texts: Diego Calaon, L. Sasha Gora, Lodovica Guarnieri, Camila Marambio, María Montero Sierra, Jane Da Mosto, Barbara Nardacchione, Anna Perdibon, Chiara Spadaro
Recipes: Marco Bravetti, Silvia Rozas, Marco Zambon
Drawings: Simone Carraro and Luigi Divari

To Ingest the Submerged addresses the enduring impacts of the petrochemical industry in the Venice Lagoon, delving into how petrochemicals continue to affect ecosystems by infiltrating future food chains as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). By confronting the structural violence stemming from the colonial epistemologies of the Lagoon’s environment, the essay speculates on the possibilities of resistance and care that sit in the painful yet necessary enfleshments of bodies, waters, and infrastructures.

Read the full essay here (P.46-58)