Troubled Soil

video installation and investigation, 2019

Team: Dimitra Andritsou, Erica Deluchi, Lodovica
Guarnieri and Carol Iglesias

Part of The Right to Not Be Bounded Thusly:  A People's Tribunal
on the Irish Border
,  Lewisham Irish Community Centre, May 2019

Event and project organised by the MA candidates from the Centre for
Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University

With special thanks to: Cormac McAleer, Marella Fyffe, James Orr, Lynda Sullivan, Tommy Greene, Sophie Thompson, Amanda Slevin, John Barry, Save our Sperrins (link), Cooperate Against Mining in Omagh CAMIO, Friends of the Earth

Troubled Soil, 2019. Film still

Troubled Soil, installation view during the event The Right to Not Be Bounded Thusly: A People's Tribunal on the Irish Border

‘Troubled Soil’ investigates the Irish border
by looking at how border leakage emerges not only from the unboundedness of the earthly but from its industrialized exploitation. The investigation of mining advances in the area of the Sperrins, Tyrone County (Northern Ireland) exposes the border not as a delimitation between two national sovereign bodies, but as a historical zone marked by displacement and dispossession. Land leased off and opened up to mining business, the Sperrins reveal the act of bordering as the demarcation of a sacrificial periphery. Here, the right to not be bounded thusly is interpreted as a twofold reckoning: neither is it possible to contain the site of extraction and its toxics leakages, nor should those who inhabit such space be bound by the political decision to make them weather the impacts. Conceived as a theatrical play, the installation revolves around two testimonies videos: on one side, the voices of activists, politicians and journalists interviewed in-situ, and on the other, the voice of the landscape. During the event the public could follow the video and navigate the archive by reading the theatre script.

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