Orizzonte Sale. Il festival di The Tidal Garden

public programme, 2022

Curated as: The Tidal Garden
Contributors: Anna Valleri, Alessio de Bona, Clara Zanardi, Giulia Mattalia, Enrico Gallo, Marco Bravetti, Marco Malvestio, Nicolò Mantovani, Silvia Rozas, Tommaso Anfodillo 

In collaboration with: Prometheus open_food Lab, Birraria La Corte, Sospiri. Botaniche Veneziane, Tocia! Cucina e comunità, Ape Verde Pistacchio, Primo

Credits: Camilla Glorioso

Orizzonte Sale explores the potential configurations of the changing landscape of the Venice Lagoon. Through an investigation of the so-called ‘saltmarsh plants’, the public programme collects stories and perspectives of adaptation emerging from rediscovered wet geographies.

Across two days, Orizzonte Sale combines gastronomic experiments and opportunities for dialogue with the aim of interpreting and understanding these changes by restoring the ecological role of culture in the Lagoon landscape. The programme brings together farmers, chefs, restaurateurs, researchers, and artists whose investigations and practices move from reaffirming the necessary amphibious dimension of the Lagoon and its cities.

In this scenario, the prospect of cultivating brackish soils opens up adaptation strategies for greater food sovereignty and resilience to climate change. Plants, knowledge, and environments considered marginal inhabit our tables. And the geography of the Lagoon is redrawn beyond the water/land binomial to recount the co-evolution between social and ecological justice.